The Honda NSR250 – Two-Stroke MotoGP Madness For The Masses Part 1

The Honda NSR250 – Two-Stroke MotoGP Madness For The Masses Part 1

This is the first ever post on IconicBikes, and as such it will be a bit longer and a little more meandering than most other posts here, so feel free to skip the first few paragraphs if you just want to read about the NSR250 specifically. Oh, and why is it that I chose the Honda NSR250 rather than, say, a Ducati 916, Yamaha XT500 or R1, Royal Enfield Bullet, Suzuki Katana 1100 or GSXR750, Triumph Bonneville or Speed Triple, BMW R1200GS, Kawasaki H2R or KX500, Harley Davidson Sportster or Softail, Vincent Black Shadow, Honda Super Cub, CB750 or Fireblade, or some other blatantly iconic bike for this cherry-popper of a post? Easy – it’s my favorite motorcycle. Why is this weird bike, which is nowhere near as well-known as the aforementioned models my favorite? Well, you know the music you loved as a teenager often stays pretty much your favorite music for most of your life – it’s kinda like that. Don’t you worry though, if you’re after a good read on any of the motorcycles listed above, because big fat juicy posts dripping with unadulterated awesomeness are currently brewing for all of those and many more.

And now … … for the very first post on the Honda NSR250.

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